How to Become a Police Officer

How to Become a Police OfficerBecoming a police officer could be one of the most competitive, rewarding, and demanding challenges in your life. The process of how to become a police officer is physically and emotionally difficult because of the rigorous demands and strict competition, but this career can comes with a competitive salary, the emotional esteem from saving a person’s life, and the pride of making your community a safer place.  Here are a few of the aspects you’ll need to consider when planning out how to become a police officer.

Police Officer Education

As with most jobs, the higher your education level, the better off you will be.  If you want to know how to become a cop, start with an associate’s degree in an area such as criminal justice, and perhaps consider a foreign language as a minor.  Take some psychology classes, and hone your study skills which you will use later in the police academy.  If you want to work at federal or state level, then you must own college degree. Focus on increasing your writing skills, as police officers must write many reports daily.

Focus on getting job experience in the law enforcement field.  This experience may be the key to setting you apart from the other applicants. Any job dealing with security or theft-prevention, the military, or any type of leadership are all great options.  Consider taking a firearms class and become familiar with shooting and handling firearms.

Police Officer Requirements

After you get home from work and finish studying, hit the gym.  Police officers are required to maintain physical fitness to be ready for whatever the workday might bring.  Begin by running a few miles 2-3 times every week aiming to improve your time each time. Make sure you can bench your own weight , be able to do at least 20 pushups/30 sit ups in under a minute and practice dragging a 150lb body a short distance.

Police Academy

Police officer candidates must pass a variety of tests before getting approved by the law enforcement agencies. These tests include: medical, written tests, a physical fitness test, and psychological evaluations. Once you have successfully passed all these tests, the next step will be to attend training in a police academy.  Police training includes classroom instructions, physical requirements, and practical training.

As a law enforcement agent, you will have the opportunity to pursue various careers such as an urban police officer, detective, sheriff, and highway patrol.  Each area of expertise holds the responsibility to maintain law and order of the city to keep the residents safe.  Becoming a police officer can be a rewarding experience that will lead to a fulfilling career in any law enforcement agency.

How to Become a Cop?

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